Member Login

Stay tuned for the BrisFit member area where you can enjoy the following

  • personalized workout plans designed especially for you in your gym
  • demonstration videos and pictures to guide you during your workout
  • profile accounts and gym buddy networking
  • inside nutrition, health and fitness articles not available on the public BrisFit site

More information to come this week.

6 Comments on “Member Login”

  1. Ruth Torres Says:

    I was interested in the videos on Instagram.


  2. Lorena Says:

    I would LOVE to have some kind of workout to look like the girl on your Instagram video.


  3. Joelle Foex Says:

    Hi, i’m from Switzerland, Geneva city. I have Bris_Fit on my instagram and i love what he make!!! It’s amazing!!! I wish i can be in Miami to have a workout with him! I love sport, i love fitness, i love workout!!! It’s hard to find a really good trainer like him here. His exercice and result inspired me and give me motivation!


  4. Wendy Says:

    I’m all paid up and ready to go what’s the next step?


  5. Sarah Says:

    Hello . I would like to know where can i purchase the resistance tubes both legs and arms ?? Thank you


  6. nataly LLamas Says:

    Good Morning I am from Cal and will let to lose some weight this year about 15-20 pounds by the summer. I have the tools at home and I have a gym membership as well. But don’t know what to do on certain days to make my goal possible. If you can email me the cost for a plan and nutrition plan I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you..


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