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Butt shaping

June 21, 2012


When shaping the glutes there are a few great exercises to help you along the way. The single leg hamstring dumbell Deadlift is one the trickier ones, this exercise allows you to breakĀ  a plateau immediately. Now you are focusing on balance which has a lot of core work and your small muscles (stablizers) are also getting involved. Don’t stop if we feel like the lower back is weak. As long at your form is right then it maybe you having a weak lower back. Emphasize resting after. We may also feel like our sole hurt more than anything and yes if you have never practiced doing single leg activity our foot muscles have to get stronger also. So try out this super set today. Single leg Deadlift on each side then move into a dumbell split squat on each then last will be a side lunge on each side, that way we get 3 different angles of muscle tear. Do 20 reps on each leg of each exercise then rest for 2 min after all 3. Then do the combination 2 more times, adding 5lbs more each set.

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