Stay up to date by downloading all of our latest workouts.  This section is currently under development with many exciting features and interactive workouts to experience, but we could not wait to publish something that would help get both guys and girls ready for this upcoming summer.

Download the latest:

Target The ABS RIGHT! (3 Day Routine)

NO EXCUSE Hotel Workout

Stay Toned Mom (When Life is a Rush do This)

Cross Train Yourself

Back/Bi (International Tuesdays)

Women Leg Building (Butt Explosion)

Ripped 6 Pack Abs 

Chest/Tri (Traditional Mondays) (Men)

Legs (Build your natural testosterone)

Bi/Tri (Shirt Filler)

Get Sexy Abs (Swiss Ball Core Training)

Upper Body (Female Tone/Ripped)

Shoulder Super Set (Get More Defined)

Miami Beach Butt Sculpting (Women)

Chest & Back (Men)

Note: The above information does not and should not replace personal medical advice from your doctor or a qualified health care professional. You should consult with your doctor before starting any new diet or fitness program.

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  1. ladantelstore Says:

    hi, how can i subscribe for your instagram account for videos ?
    im from kuwait


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