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May 26, 2012


Why Fit?

Fitness is defined as the physical and mental state of being in shape and healthy. We all go through various stages in our lives when we progress or regress in our fitness levels. Age and even every day life stresses may cause us to regress furthermore. While growing up, many of us never paused to realize how important it was to play outside with friends. Whether it was playing sports or just running around aimlessly tagging each other, fitness was all around us. Of course, as a kid it is easier to make time to engage in physical activities and stay in shape. But, as we grow older and wiser shouldn’t we continue to make our own health a priority!?

Why and how? You may ask yourself, why should we work to live for a future which may be cut short because of health risks that might be endured? For example, heart disease and diabetes are two popular cases we have all become too familiar with. Many people that over work themselves become ill from stress; unfortunately the most popular case in society. Stress can lower the immune system and cause the body to become a vulnerable pathway for travelling germs.

How? Well it’s all up to you! Did you know that only about 12% of the average day is utilized to keep ourselves in shape and healthy!? Well if you are not a professional athlete or a personal trainer; where your job is to stay in shape, then that’s why mankind made other options! Gyms, boot camps and in home fitness videos are all great ways to stay active! It’s a simple start, so take a pick or just try them all! So, take about 3 hours in your day and pick an activity. Start by working out for one hour and the other two will give you enough time to fuel the body with sufficient food or rest before and after your workout.

To conclude, we should all stay FIT because it is an easy way to keep a strong immune system and live a confident and energetic lifestyle. Brisfit.com will guide you along the right path to your fitness goals and give you the knowledge that you need to train yourself!

For information about core and functional fitness training and Brickell Boot Camp, e-mail getfit@brisfit.com


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