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Stay Toned MOM (when life is always in a rush try this!)

July 6, 2012


The first 6 exercises should be a minute long taking 20 seconds in between each one.

Squat D.Bell Press


Alternating Back Lunge w/ rotation

Mountain Climber Plank

Alternating Side Lunges

V- Up Crunches

Elbow Plank (feet on med. Ball)

The Last 4 exercises are all 30 reps on each leg. Do the deadlift on the left then right leg then move on to next exercises doing the same thing until all 4 exercises are done. Rest when needed if not keep going till the end, this should get your heart rate going.

Single Leg D.bell deadlift

Single Leg D.bell Split Squat w/ knee kicks

Leg Raises (Knees on Bench)

Hip Raises (laying Flat and feet on bench, emphasize pushing with your heel)


Cardio: 10-15min Stair Master

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