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Brickell BootCamp 9am Sharp tomorrow! Free parking and its only $10 to come get trained.

July 20, 2012



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Brickell Boot camp time tomorrow 9am! Only $10

July 13, 2012



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Target The ABS RIGHT! (3 Day Routine)

July 11, 2012



Incline Reverse Crunches

Rope Cable Crunches

Incline Leg Raises

BOSU Ball Mountain Climbers

BOSU Ball Elbow Plank

Each exercise is to be done for a minute interval with 15 seconds in between. Do the ab circuit 3 times.

Back Extension (Roman Chair) 30reps 3 sets



Side Oblique Cable Crunches    30 reps each side 3sets

Elbow – Knee Crunches             40 reps each side 3sets

Incline Side Plank w/ Twist        20 reps each side 3sets

Side Oblique Elbow- Knee Twist (Roman Chair) 30 reps each side 3sets



Swiss Ball Vertical Med Ball Crunches

Knee Raises (Hanging)

Swiss Ball Alternating jack- knife & pike

AB Wheel

Swiss Ball Elbow Plank

Each exercise is to be done for 1 minute interval with 15 seconds in between each. Do circuit 3 times at you best ability. Rest when necessary and completely stop when a minute is up. Remember to squeeze the abs and practice proper breathing techniques.

Back Extension 30reps 3sets


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NO Excuse Hotel Gym

July 10, 2012


This workout is strictly for full body maintenance, when travelling from hotel gym to another, it’s always easy to stay with your simple but sufficient d.bell routine. Do each exercise for one minute long taking 20 seconds rest in between each one. Rest for 2 minutes after all ten, then do the routine all over again. During each minute interval rest when needed.

D.Bell Sumo Squat

D.Bell Push-up T-Plank w/ cross over knee kick

D.Bell Reverse bent over fly

Alternating Forward Lunges w/  D.Bell Torso Twist

Mountain Climbers

D.Bell Swing Arm Squat

D. Bell Plank Row

Elbow Spider Plank

Alternating Side Lunges

Burpee into D.Bell Squat Press (Thrusters)


Cardio: Run  1Mile On treadmill after exercise

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Stay Toned MOM (when life is always in a rush try this!)

July 6, 2012


The first 6 exercises should be a minute long taking 20 seconds in between each one.

Squat D.Bell Press


Alternating Back Lunge w/ rotation

Mountain Climber Plank

Alternating Side Lunges

V- Up Crunches

Elbow Plank (feet on med. Ball)

The Last 4 exercises are all 30 reps on each leg. Do the deadlift on the left then right leg then move on to next exercises doing the same thing until all 4 exercises are done. Rest when needed if not keep going till the end, this should get your heart rate going.

Single Leg D.bell deadlift

Single Leg D.bell Split Squat w/ knee kicks

Leg Raises (Knees on Bench)

Hip Raises (laying Flat and feet on bench, emphasize pushing with your heel)


Cardio: 10-15min Stair Master

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