Chest/Tri (Traditional Mondays) (Men)

July 1, 2012


Incline Bench (Heavy)

3sets 15,10,8 reps


Incline D.bell Fly

3sets 20,15,12 reps



3sets Max reps (10 or more)(BOSU optional)

Flat Bench Press (wide)(Heavy)

3sets 20,12,8/10 resps (../.. means drop set)

D.bell Fly

3set 20,15,10 reps


D.bell Chest pull-over

3sets 20 reps (Increase weight every set)


Incline Push-Ups (feet on bench)

3sets Max reps (10 or more)


3sets Max Reps (10 or more)



3sets Max Reps (10 or more)

Tricep cable over head press

3sets 20,15,10 reps


Tricep Scull Crusher Ez Bar

3sets 15,12,8 reps


Tricep close laying bar press Ez Bar

3sets 20,15,12 reps (same weight as top exercise)


Tri bench Dip

3sets 15-20 reps (weight optional)


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