Cross Train Yourself

July 4, 2012


Each exercise on this page is to be done for 1 minute. Repeat Routine twice if you DARE! Take the time down to 45 seconds

Incline Alternating D.Bell Press

Swiss Ball D.Bell Fly

BOSU Ball Bent over D.Bell Rows

BOSU D.Bell Squat Press

BOSU D.Bell Side Raises

Single leg Bent over D.Bell Reverse Fly

D.Bell Scaption

Swiss Ball Vertical Crunchies

BOSU Mountain Climber Planks

AB Wheel or Swiss Ball Roll Out

Break for 2 min after every exercise has been done up top, 20 seconds in between exercises.


Incline D.Bell Fly

D.Bell Over Head Press

D.Bell Bent over Wide Row (elbows wide)

D.Bell Lat Pullover

Swiss Ball or Incline Bench I &Y Raises

Ez Bar Bi Curl

Ez Bar Tri Over Head Extension

Ez Bar Rever Bi Curl

Rope Cable Tri Extension

Hand on Med Ball Mountain Climber

Rope Cable Crunches

Swiss Ball Elbow Plank

Swiss Ball Jack Knife

Take 30 seconds rest between each exercises

Rest 4 min

Box Jump into a Burpee  20reps


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