Back/Bi (International Tuesdays)

July 3, 2012


Bent over BarBell Row (Underhand Grip)
4sets 30,20,15,10 reps

Wide Lat Pulldown 3sets 20,15,10 reps


Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown 3 sets 20,15,10 reps (60degree lean, pull to stomach)

Low Row 3sets 30,20,15 reps (Focus on locking up back muscle)


D.Bell Bent over Fly 3sets 20reps (Not fully bent over, slightly inclined)

Rever Fly Machine (Heavy) 3sets 15,12,10/10 reps (10/10 means to drop set)

D.Bell Laying Pull over 3sets 20,15,10 reps


Incline Bench Y-Raise 3sets 20reps


Bi D.Bell Hammer Curl 3 sets 15,10,8 reps

Bi Concentration Machine Curl (Heavy) 3sets 12,8,6 reps


Reverse Ez- Bar Curls 3sets 15 reps


Close Grip Ez Bar Curl 3sets 15 reps


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