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Nutrition and Eating

June 5, 2012


Nutrition is the provision of the materials necessary; in the form of food, to support life. Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with a healthy diet.

Now I know once we hear the word diet, we tend to get worried that we won’t be able to enjoy delicious foods. So, let us not use the word “diet” in a negative tone and instead phrase it as “a healthier approach to eating right” . It is often difficult to cut out food cravings, especially those high in sugar and sodium. But, the truth is that everything in moderation is beneficial, even when it comes to fats. The key is to avoid exceeding what our body needs as to not store the surplus as fatty tissue.

Healthy eating techniques will allow you to transform into a better body and lifestyle. There are a ton of reasons why we should indulge in healthy habits. Better sleeping patterns, increasing daily energy, avoiding Type Two Diabetes and heart diseases, keeping a young healthy brain, looking younger and more confident are just a sample of the reasons that healthy habits are crucial.

When choosing an eating plan, we have to take into consideration the reality that what may work for John may not work for Mary because men and women require different ingredients. Also what may work for John may not work for Paul because they may have dissimilar body types and long term goals.

The Brisfit team will do our best to give you the knowledge to figure out what to eat and when to eat it. For instance, a common issue today is binge eating habits; especially at night. A main problem is that we tend to think sugar and carbohydrates should not be part of a meal when losing weight. Current research indicates that instant energy into the body comes directly from simple sugars, while longer lasting energy comes from our complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and vegetables. By taking in complex carbohydrates earlier on in the day, we will have the proper energy to keep our metabolisms fueled. After all, how could our brains function and focus properly without any energy in our systems?
So let’s practice by educating and exploring our own bodies through taking in as much knowledge as possible. By starting today, this website will help you to learn something new everyday.

Did you know that by eating a fruit high in sugar after a workout will also replenish that energy lost and also stimulates muscle growth? But if eaten too long after and too much of it could store as fat!


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Injury Prevention

June 5, 2012


Is an effort to avoid or reduce the severity of bodily injuries caused by external mechanisms such as accidents. So before we jump into action to reach our fitness goals, let’s first see what previous injuries we may have that could prevent us from exercising.

The most common injuries in the lower back (L4,L5) , ankle, knee and shoulder are often overlooked and not taken into careful consideration when training one’s self. Thus the importance of having a fitness professional to guide you on the right path may help to decrease your risk for injury. Now would you know how to cook on a Chinese wok with high flames and boiling oil without burning yourself without the proper guidance? Well, the same concept applies to exercise. If you do not want to become injured, then your pride should not disable you from learning the proper techniques. BrisFit training will help instruct you on the correct methods to train successfully.

When performing an exercise, an injury could be spotted by an uncomfortable pain that often occurs at joints. It is important to not confuse muscle soreness with an injury. Now because you may have an injury in the area, it does not mean that you cannot continue training, unless instructed by a physician. Part of the rehabilitation process includes strengthening the injured area. Along with sufficient rest, the muscle around the injured area will be permitted to recuperate.

A lower back injury could have an negative impact if proper posture or form is not kept while carrying out an exercise. But, we should not run away from back extension exercise because it hurts. Even a squat, which targets the lower back area is not an indication to stop reinforcing the area. A lower back pain can simply exist because we have a very weak core that needs to be strengthened! Sometimes we need to focus on a weak point in a training technique to help increase smaller muscle groups. In turn, we will be able to improve onto the more advanced ones. So instead of buying a huge belt to put on your waist in the gym, let’s advance your weak points by training the core with the right exercises. By decreasing the weight and practicing core exercises using gravity and our own bodies as resistance, we will be on our way to practicing proper injury prevention.

“Nobody at the beach knows how much you lift, so let’s focus on getting in shape and looking great before adding weight!”

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