Miami Beach Butt Sculpting Leg Workout

June 25, 2012


Goblet Squat                                                  2 Sets 1min


Forward Lunges                                             2 Sets 1min


D.Bell Single leg Split Squat                         3 Sets 20,15,10 Reps


D.Bell Single leg Deadlift (Hamstring)       3 Sets 20,15,12 Reps


Bench Leg raises                                            3 Sets 30,25,20 Reps


D.Bell Walking Lunges                                  2 Sets 20,15,10 steps each leg


D.Bell Alternating Side Lunges                    2 Sets 20,15,12 each leg


Laying Hip raise (foot on bench)                 2 Sets 30 Reps Focus on squeezing glutes


Machine Leg Curl                                           2 Sets 15,12,12 Reps


Squats (BOSU recommended)                     2 Sets 1min


Crunches (BOSU)                                            2 Sets 1min


Hand PLANK (BOSU)                                        2 Sets 1min


Reverse Crunches                                            2 Sets 1min


Elbow Plank                                                      2 Sets 1min


Roman Chair Oblique Twist                           2 Sets 30 Reps


Roman Chair Back Extensions                       2 Sets 30 Reps


(^) Means take 15-20 seconds and jump right into a superset.

Take 2min between each combo supersets



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3 Comments on “Miami Beach Butt Sculpting Leg Workout”

  1. Sandra Ramirez Says:

    how should we organize the workouts for example if i want to do work my abs, lower body, and upper body, should I alternate like do abs one day and legs another? how does it work?


  2. Gaby Says:

    Go! Do you send workout programs? I live in Mexico and I want a personalized routine! 😦


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