Bi/Tri (Shirt filler)

June 27, 2012


Barbell Curl                                                               3sets 20,10,8 reps

Tri Bench Press                                                         3sets 30,15,10

Incline Bench D.bell curl (Heavy)                           3sets 12,10,6-8 reps


Ez Bar close grip curl                                                3sets 20,15,10 reps

Tri Cable pushdown V-shape handle (Heavy)      3sets 15,12,6-10 reps


D.bell Over Head Tri Extension                               3sets 20 reps


Tri Laying extension (scull crusher)                         3sets 10-15 reps

Bi Rope Cable Curl (light weight focus on contacting)                2sets 15-20 reps


Tri rope cable extension (light weight focus on contracting)    2sets 20-30 reps


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