Legs (Build your Natural Testosterone)

June 28, 2012


Leg Press(HEAVY)                                           

4sets 20,15,10,8 reps

Barbell Squats (Low Squats Wide Stance) 

3sets 20,15,10 reps


Walking Lunges           

3sets 20 steps each leg (try going heavier every set)

Leg Extensions      

3sets 30,20,15 reps(light weight, focus on contacting)


Hamstring Curls               

3sets 30,20,15 reps

(light weight, focus on controlling on the way down)

Seated Calves (Heavy)      

3sets 20,15,10 reps


Standing Calves        

3sets 20 reps (light weight, focus on contracting)

Box Jumps          

1 set 20 reps (Box should be no lower than knee high)



1 set 20 reps (rest when necessary but finish it up!)


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