Shoulder Super Set (Get More defined)

June 26, 2012


D.bell Arnold ovet head press                                  2 sets 30, 20 reps


D.bell side raises (swing arms infront)                   2 sets 20reps


D.bell over head press (heavy)                                 2 sets 15,8-10 reps


D.bell side raises (swing arms to back)                   2 sets 15reps


Incline Bench E-z Bar Front Raise                             3 sets 30,20,15 reps


Up Right E-z Bar Row                                                  3 sets 20,15,12 reps


Bent Over D.Bell Wide Row                                       3 sets 20,15,10 reps


Smith Press Shoulder Shrugs (behind back)           3 sets 20,15,12

^super- set

Shoulder D. Bell Scaption                                          3 sets 30,20,15


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