Upper Body (female tone/ripped)

June 26, 2012


Single leg exercises   (Each leg should be evenly stood on so 40 reps will be 20 on each leg!)

D. Bell Bent over row                                 2 sets 40reps

^super- set

D. Bell Over Head Press                             2 sets 30reps


D. Bell Bent over Reverse Fly                   2 sets 30reps


D. Bell Bi curl                                               2 sets 40reps


D. Bell Tricep over Head Extension         2sets 40reps


D. Bell Side Raise/Front Raise                  2sets 20reps


(ABS)Mountain Climber (BOSU Recommended)      2sets 1min


Crunches (BOSU ……)                                                     2sets 1min

^super- set

Elbow-knee crunch (BOSU ……)                                   2sets 40reps each side


Side Elbow Plank (leg up) (BOSU ……)                         2sets 30secs each side


ALL exercises should be done take one after the other 20seconds rest in between each. After all 10 are carried out then take 2-3mins and do the routine a second time.


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